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Information about the Vanuatu embassy in United States is verifiable. including address, telephone number, fax number and email addresses, and information about who is the head of the embassy and office hours.

Vanuatu’s embassy in New York has the main responsibility of providing diplomatic assistance and consular services to Vanuatu’s citizens while they are in United States. They also provide services to local citizens who want to visit Vanuatu.

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How Reach Easily Permanent Mission of Vanuatu to the United Nations


800 East Second Ave, suite 400B

New York NY 10017

United States


(212) 661-4323


Open Hours:

Please call Permanent Mission of Vanuatu to the United Nations at (212) 661-4323 to find out current hours of operation and other details.

Official Website:

Vanuatu in New York - Location On The Map

Contact Details For The Vanuatu Embassy In New York

The Vanuatu Embassy in New York is located at 800 East Second Ave, suite 400B

New York NY 10017

United States. The phone number is (212) 661-4323 and the email address is The Consular Section shares the same location as the Embassy and has close ties to the Foreign Ministry in Vanuatu. The Consular Section is responsible for providing information and services to Vanuatu citizens, Vanuatu-speaking United States citizens, and United States citizens who are of Vanuatu descent.

Working Hours

The embassy of Vanuatu in United States is open Monday through Friday from 09:00 to 15:30. The offices of the embassy may be closed on Vanuatu and United States public holidays. Reach easily Permanent Mission of Vanuatu to the United Nations to confirm opening hours.

Visa, Passport And Consular Service

The embassy of Vanuatu is the best place to apply for or get a visa or a passport. They can also legalize documents at reasonable rates. Please contact the office directly for information on their services:

  1. Visa for tourist / visitor Short-term
  2. Work visa
  3. Student visa
  4. Visa for medical purposes

Obtaining a visa for Vanuatu can be difficult. The Vanuatu Consulate General in New York, United States is the first Vanuatu Consulate to provide visa services in United States. They offer routine and emergency visas to Vanuatu, submitting applications of those who have been in United States for more than 3 months or have United States nationality.

Here’s a list of the services that the Consulate of Vanuatu in New York offers to residents and travelers:

  • Issuing a police certificate / criminal record
  • Issuance of a birth certificate for those born outside the country
  • Process Passport Applications
  • Marriage Registration Process
  • Military Service Procedures
  • Citizenship Procedures
  • Birth Registration
  • Civil Registration
  • Death Registration
  • Notary Procedures

Aid-Air Visa Service for Vanuatu

Aid-Air Visa Service for Vanuatu

Aid-Air provides visa services to Vanuatu online. Some passports are eligible to apply for a visa online to Vanuatu in New York. Each request is unique and should be reviewed independently.

In order to check the eligibility of your passport for an electronic visa to Vanuatu, you must use Aid-Air services.

Vanuatu’s immigration authorities recommend that applications be submitted independently by the applicant himself or in the case of a minor, by the parent or his authorized representative.

At the same time, there is no prohibition to use the Aid-Air service in order to submit the application correctly and to avoid the rejection of your application.

Make an appointment at the Vanuatu embassy in New York

Scheduling appointments at the embassy will be divided according to the request, for example the visa department and the citizen care department are different departments, and they have different reception schedules. You must select the department and read the methods of scheduling meetings according to the following areas of interest:

Vanuatu passport / Vanuatu ID Card (only for Vanuatu citizens)

Appointment system of the Vanuatu Embassy in New York.

You intend to book an appointment for an application for a Vanuatu passport or ID for your family.

  • With the following schedule you will be able to book an appointment of your choice.
  • Please enter all information in Latin letters.
  • Please enter your correct email address since we will send a confirmation for your appointment by email.
  • Please book one appointment per person and application.
  • Please arrange your appointment in a way you will be able to provide all necessary documents with your application.

Please understand that appointments have to be booked with a few weeks’ notice due to high demand.

New appointments are made available every day approx. 8 weeks in advance. If there are currently no appointments available, please check here again in the next few days for a free time slot.

Additional appointment also are made availabe on short notice due to cancellation of others. Please note that several booked appointments with the same mail address and the same date of birth will be deleted without further notice.

In the case of a request to schedule an appointment at the Israeli embassy to receive a passport or ID card, an Aid-Air partner must be used.

To request an appointment at the embassy, Please contact Aid-Air.

Registration of marriage, registration of birth, name declaration (only for Vanuatu citizens)

For details on how to register for things like marriage and birth certificates, please contact us and we will provide more information. You can also register a change of name if your legal name has changed. You received a personal document list and booking code by email. Otherwise please contact with service provider Aid-Air.

Appointments without a booking code will be canceled automatically.

Make an appointment for visa 

Here you can only book appointments for a national visa (if you stay longer than 90 days in Vanuatu, e.g. study visa, employment, working holiday, family reunification etc.)

To book an appointment for a national visa please with our service provider Aid-Air.

Arrive Prepared to The Vanuatu Embassy in New York

If you require assistance filling out forms, it is necessary that you prepare them beforehand and bring the completed form with you to the interview. Consular staff will not be able to help with this process.

To avoid wasting your time and having to reschedule an appointment, make sure you are prepared with the following documents before you approach the counter:

  1. Your passport and/ or Vanuatu identity card for consular services for Vanuatu
  2. Your foreign passport for an application for a visa
  3. Your United States identity card, if you have one
  4. The required forms duly completed
  5. Any other documents which you have been requested in the required form (where applicable : original, recent, with apostille, translation with apostille,..).

You can use our service provider Aid-Air to prepare or check the documents before your arrival for the interview, in order to save time or a refusal and a request to set a new date.

Services that do not need preparation in advance or online

Other services at the Consulate will continue to be provided without an appointment, notably:

  • Life certificate;
  • Legalisation;
  • Collection of passports, identity cards or other documents.

Please consult the online appointment system before each visit to the Consulate as it may be updated at any moment.

Jurisdiction of the Embassy of Vanuatu in New York, United States

Make sure that this embassy can accommodate your region, if you are considering an appointment. Unfortunately, not all regional embassies of Vanuatu have the ability to process paperwork. If you reside in one of these regions, we recommend that you visit a different embassy in another country.

The team has done its most to ensure accuracy of the information on this website, but in case you happen to come across any errors on our page for the Vanuatu’s office in in New York or elsewhere on our website, we apologize and will do our best to make a fix as soon as possible. When brought to our attention any error will be corrected.

Contact with Vanuatu in New York Online

If your question was not answered above or if you need to provide additional information, please complete the form below.

Instructions for contacting the consulate:

  • Make sure you choose the topic that is right for your application.
  • Check the contact details back with you.
  • Fully detail your request.
  • Attach supporting documents to your application in advance.

Special Instructions

The consulate is making every effort to respond to requests as soon as possible.
Multiple inquiries on the same subject will not expedite your request.
Only one request needs to be submitted.