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The Complete Guide to Afghanistan Embassies and Consulates around the World

The Embassy.Aid-Air-USA for Afghanistan list all foreign embassies and consulates in Afghanistan and all Afghan embassies and consulates abroad.

There are 43 overseas Afghan embassies, in addition to 20 of their resident facilities, in the latter category.

Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan is home to 15 embassies and 18 consulates.

Introduction: What is an Embassy?

An embassy is an official residence of a head of state or ambassador.

An embassy is the diplomatic mission that serves as the official representative of one sovereign state to another, typically acting as an agent of the home country and under the protection of that country’s flag.

The word “embassy” comes from the Greek “embasia” which means “a sending out.” The phrase is used to describe an embassy building, which houses a country’s foreign affairs department.

Afghanistan Embassies & Consulates Around the Globe

Afghanistan Embassies and Consulates are the official representatives of their respective governments in other countries. Embassies are located in the capital city of the host country, while consulates are located in major cities or regions.

Afghanistan Embassies & Consular Services

The embassy can issue Afghanistan passports and provide emergency travel documents for those who have lost their passport while traveling abroad. It can also issue visas for those who want to enter or travel through Afghanistan embassies & consular.

The embassy also offers visa-free entry for citizens of many countries who are visiting Afghanistan as part of an organized tour group or on a humanitarian mission.

Afghanistan Embassies and Consulates on Twitter


The Afghanistan Embassies and Consulates on Twitter provides a glimpse into the country’s diplomatic presence abroad. The Twitter account is managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan and is only accessible in English.

The Afghanistan Embassy in Berlin, Germany, for example, tweets about cultural events happening in Berlin and other German cities. It also shares photos from the events and posts about Afghan culture.

Embassies are using social media to reach people who are interested in their country or culture but cannot travel there. They also use it to share information about their country with international audiences.

Afghanistan Embassies and Consulates on FaceBook

FaceBook is a social media platform that allows users to connect with friends, family members, brands, celebrities and more. It also provides an opportunity for embassies to share information about their country with people all over the world.

The Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has been posting on their FaceBook page for the past few years. They have shared a lot of content about Afghanistan, its culture, and its people. The posts are in both English and in the official language.

The Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation is one of the many embassies on FaceBook that has been sharing information about their country with people all over the world.

What are the hours of operation of the embassy and consulate of Afghanistan?

For the most part, the hours of operation of an Afghanistan embassy and consulate are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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Aid-Air USA Gov and Afghanistan Embassies and Consulates

The USA Government Aid-Air for Afghanistan’s consulate and embassies has updated contact details for the mission, and for the consular section of the consulate, including address, telephone number, fax number, and email address.

The page also offers information about the head of mission and consular services offered by the mission, in addition to information about other Afghanistan representations worldwide.

Government Aid-Air provide official directly contact to Afghanistan’s missions.

Afghanistan Embassies and Consulates